Baseline conducts several tryouts throughout the year and chooses 30 – 40 players to showcase their talents to 20-24 college coaches of all levels.   Included on this team is scholarship money towards college, a college platform to that will include a complete profile of players academic and athletic achievements, a possible highlight video, and a highly structured program that will give each player multiple opportunities to showcase their baseball abilities. 

Possible $4,000 worth of Scholarships and College Tuition Reimbursements if you are invited to participate in our Scout Team Program.  Please register for a private workout/tryout. Do not pass up this opportunity.


Baseline Scout Teams

Fall Scout Team:



Saturday 12/1-Sunday 12/2/2018

Atlanta, GA (Homeplate Field; indoor & all turf)


Colleges Committed (Georgia Showcase)

·         Shorter University

·         Young Harris College

·         La Grange University

·         Thomas University

·         Univ.  of South Carolina Beaufort

·         University of West Georgia

·         Piedmont College

·         Oglethorpe University

·         Berry College

·         Lawson State Community College


Summer Scout Teams


-2 Weekends in July & 2 in August


-July Scout Team

1. Sat 7/20-Sun 7/21/2019

Cary, NC (USA Baseball Complex)

2. Sat 7/27-Sun 7/28/2019

Lakeland, FL (Tigers Complex; all turf)

August Scout Team

1. Sat 8/10-Sun 8/11/2019

Atlanta, GA (Homeplate Field; indoor & all turf)

2. Sat 8/17-Sun 8/18/2019

Lakeland, FL (Tigers Complex; all turf)


Baseline Scout Team participants:

  • Will receive scholarship money if they are a high school rising freshman, sophomore, or junior.   Scholarships range from $1,000 - $3,000 for being part of this team.   These scholarships can be used at more than 400 private college institutions around the country.    You can see the universities that participate in the program by clicking on and selecting Participating Colleges.  
  • Will be placed on a college ready platform that has their personal information, grades, test-scores and transcripts, player evaluations, professional videos, as well as baseball schedules and events. This platform will help the player make an educated choice of what college or university is the best fit for their grades and skill set.
  • Will participate in two showcases in two different states.   Each location will have a minimum of 10 colleges or universities with intentions of evaluating and finding talented players for their specific school.
  • Will receive a professional video 
    (possible extra discounted cost)
  • Will be given uniforms with their last names to make it easier for the participating schools to remember each player.  
  • Will go through a high level showcase practice and game that is guaranteed to help improve their skills and illustrate their baseball talents.

Try out request: FREE

You will be contacted by a staff member within 48 hours to schedule your workout with our Coaching staff.

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2018 Summer Scout Team testimonials

1.       I believe it was the most wonderful exposure any baseball player can ever have.    Dalia Villar (Parent)

2.       Very good exposure and experience for my son.  Gonzalo Garcia (Parent)

3.       Thank you coaches for your effort to make this event a great experience for our kids.  Kalia Gonzalez (Parent)

4.       I enjoyed both presentations a lot, I loved the way you guys exposed the players.  It was a spectacular major league experience.  Thank you very much.  Eduardo Diaz (parent)

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