Travel Teams / Training:

Travel Teams: Competitive teams will be assembled from try-outs scheduled throughout the year. A professional staff of high school and college coaches will be selected to lead these teams in competition. Development and improvement is our focus. Roster size will be conducive for each athlete to gain experience, receive exposure, and have maximum playing time. Practices will be scheduled accordingly to prepare the teams for each tournament. Pitchers will be given a routine to follow to keep them healthy and make sure they are prepared for each pitching outing. Our teams will participate in the best possible tournaments to help with their development and exposure.

Training: Baseline offers different training sessions throughout the year. Hitting, pitching, catching, defensive, and strength training lessons are available. For more information text your name and interest level to Jorge Perez at 786-447-9947.

2023 Baseline Summer Scout Team (Showcase and 17U Travel Team)

  1. Fee: $1875
  2. Uniform: $325


Click here for 2023 Baseline Scout and 17 Travel Team Schedule


Payments Center

Initial Deposit

Cost:275.00 -

Initial Deposit
Due: December 30, 2022

Uniform Fee: $325

Cost:325.00 -

Uniform Fee:
January 15, 2023

Cost: 2nd payment $300

Cost:300.00 -

Cost: 2nd payment
Due: February, 15, 2023

Cost: 3rd payment $300

Cost:300.00 -

Cost: 3rd payment
Due: March 15, 2023

Cost: 4th Payment $500

Cost:500.00 -

Cost: 4th payment
Due: April 15, 2023

Cost: Last Payment $500

Cost:500.00 -

Cost: Last payment
Due: May 15, 2023

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