Collegiate League: Our Collegiate League is made up of STU players, incoming recruits, and other college players from different universities. There is about a 20 game schedule that includes practices, strength training, and development throughout the summer. Itr is a great way to improve your skills and prepare for your college season in the fall. We have a qualified coaching staff that will help you improve, get stronger, and prepare you for your upcoming college season.

League Fee:

  1. Position Players: $695
  2. Pitchers” $495
  3. Uniform Fee: $225

Payments Center

1st Payment: $200 ---- Date: 3/18

Cost: $200.00

Uniform Fee: $225 ---- Date: 3/30

Cost: $225.00

2nd Payment: $295 ---- Date: 4/22

Cost: $295.00

3rd Payment: $200 --- Date: 5/16 ---- Position Players Only

Cost: $200.00

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